Me. Myself. And my photo eye.

History, both current and past:

  • Having a passionate love affair with a Nikon D610.
  • Still searching for the perfect macaroni and cheese recipe.
  • Voted for Ross Perot back in '92. Just think where we'd be now if he had been allowed to shake that voodoo stick.  Dammit, I thought for certain that he was going to win.

My photos are an attempt to continually grow my ability to think outside of the blueprint, in addition to trying keep my creative side in bloom. Being an engineer, rigid thinking is built into my being and stepping outside of the box is sometimes a challenge. Peering thru the viewfinder allows me to keep the head and soul in balance with what's important in life...  I've seen how God can reveal himself to me through my lens, photography has been so incredibly amazing for me.

I believe that all people are angels, with our most interesting trait being our differences.  It's simply what we do with our wings that separate us.   

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~~ peace.